The Plenary of Mijas approves a credit modification of 7.5 million to promote infrastructures and services

The Plenary of Mijas approves a credit modification of 7.5 million to promote infrastructures and services

  • The City of Mijas held on Thursday its plenary session for the month of September where it has been approved a credit modification of 7.5 million euros that will allow a new boost of infrastructure and services in the municipalityResulta ng larawan para sa infrastructure Plenary of Mijas EUROPA PRESS / AYTO MIJAS

“This action is carried out because there are a series of items with insufficient or no consignment that contemplate expenses that can not be delayed for 2017 because they are necessary for the neighbors, so we can also shorten time to carry out the initiatives as well as save in certain areas, “explained the mayor of Finance, María del Carmen González.

Thus, this measure put in place by the government team will allow that amount is distributed in different budget items according to the new needs of action in the town, he added.

One of the most outstanding is the one related to infrastructure and urban planning. Thus, the Councilor for Urban Planning, Andrés Ruiz, stressed that the Consistory includes a total of 450,000 euros that will go to the drafting of projects. “This amount will be the engine to outline all the large structures demanded by our municipality such as the Mijas Pueblo nursery school, the nursing home, the La Candelaria car park or the Virgen de la Peña parking lot extension,” he added.

Before this point on the agenda the mayor of the PP Mario Bravo has lamented “the way” in which the proposal has been presented, so that the ‘popular’ group has abstained. For its part, CSSP through its representative, Francisco Martínez, has voted in favor of it.

The credit modification includes several essential areas that contribute to a better functioning of the institution. The City of Mijas will begin to pay the historical amounts owed for the expropriations carried out by the local authority with a departure that, on this occasion, amounts to 800,000 euros.

Likewise, almost 410,000 euros are allocated to the investment in electricity for both street lighting and municipal buildings, as well as 600,000 euros for the Energy Efficiency Department and its commitment to low consumption.

The new distribution also includes the 1.3 million euros that the Consistory has to pay to the contractor of the service of cleaning and collection of solid waste, having granted previous mandates a period of five years to the company to execute the service when the vehicles they had an implicit amortization of ten, so now the administration must make the payment for that machinery.

In this same sense, 600,000 euros will go to the acquisition of cars for Operational Services, and 411,000 euros for tools and a new truck for firefighters, among others.

Also, having the municipal coffers healthy with a zero debt, the Municipality of Mijas will be able to allocate the highest revenues of this year to finance investments and, in turn, increase the ceiling of expenditure.


Resulta ng larawan para sa water infrastructure


On the other hand, a motion has been approved, promoted by the PP municipal group, which proposes bonuses of up to one hundred percent of the water rate for low-income pensioners, as well as families in situations of social exclusion.

“The opposition also works, governs and contributes ideas to improve the quality of life of the people of Mije,” said PP municipal spokesman Angel Nozal, who added: “Thanks to the PP, very soon the neighbors with fewer resources of the municipality may request that their water bill be rewarded. “

Thus, all municipal groups have given their support to the proposed water rate bonus raised by the ‘popular’, so they have indicated that the government team “will have to find the legal formula to be able to respond to this commitment signed in Plenary for the next exercise “.

Also, the PP has brought to the ordinary session on Thursday a motion urging the current local Executive to offer a parcel of municipal ownership to the Junta de Andalucía so that it can build the hospital Fuengirola-Mijas. In this sense, Nozal has pointed out the “manifest interest” that the regional government has shown recently in “making this center a reality”.