Private insurance for construction workers

In principle, all construction workers must be registered with the Berufsgenossenschaft Bau (BauBG) and legally insured – irrespective of whether they are paid for their work or not. The insurance cover of a builder’s liability does not include the protection of the helpers.

If a client does not register the construction worker with the local employer’s liability insurance association, a fine of up to € 2,500 can be imposed. Since the protection of the Berufsgenossenschaft Bau offers only basic insurance, the conclusion of a private construction assistance insurance is highly recommended, irrespective of the statutory compulsory insurance. Thus, in the case of total invalidity, the statutory cover did not make payments. This gap closes the private construction helpers insurance.

Builders and their spouses are not automatically covered by the construction assistance insurance. You can voluntarily secure yourself additionally.

How to find a good construction worker insurance


Resulta ng larawan para sa construction worker insurance

If you want to increase the insurance coverage of your construction helpers with a private construction helpers insurance, you should first compare different insurers and their policies with each other. In particular, the benefits of the insurance companies in the event of damage and the amount of coverage count. Choosing the right amount of coverage is important as it does not apply per builder, but for all registered helpers. With a construction assistant insurance comparison, you can quickly find the cheapest and best provider for your construction project online.


The private construction assistance insurance is no substitute for the legal insurance. Rather, consumers can supplement the basic coverage by taking out private insurance. The scope of insurance basically covers all types of accidents that can happen to a construction worker on the construction site. Private home helpers insurance can also be described as “accident insurance for construction”. In addition, the insurance makes capital payments in the event of disability or the death of a construction helper. Optionally, hospital daily allowance or salvage costs can also be covered by the private construction assistance insurance.

It is important that all helpers are given, because only the construction helpers who are in the insurance conditions are insured by the insurance in case of accidents. The builders as policyholders must make sure that the sum insured is sufficiently high. Because it is a flat rate for all insured construction workers and not for each one. For this reason, the amount of the hedging sum can be significantly reduced if the number of construction workers is increased. Therefore, if an insured sum of 200,000 euros is agreed and ten helpers are employed insured, each helper is covered with 20,000 euros.


The costs of the private construction assistance insurance are determined by the extent of the insurance benefit as well as the number of insured construction helpers. The amount of working hours usually plays no part in completing this voluntary insurance.

In many cases you therefore pay a flat rate per construction worker for the construction worker insurance. Normally, the insurance cover is automatically valid for one year. If the construction project takes longer and you still need your own contribution, you must notify the insurer so that your construction workers are still protected. However, the cost of the insurance is often lower than the savings that you have thanks to the own contribution to mortgage lending.

Protection over the professional association construction


Resulta ng larawan para sa construction worker insurance

Builders are required to register all construction workers with the local professional association Construction. If there is a client-contractor relationship between builders and construction workers, the construction workers are covered by their own professional association.

In order to use the legal building assistance insurance, the owners announce their construction helpers with the local professional association construction. All private construction helpers are registered. It does not matter if they receive money for their work or not. In most cases, builders receive a questionnaire on construction workers from the competent professional association, because the cooperative is usually informed by the building authority about every construction project.

Specify construction worker

Construction helpers must be specified, otherwise a fine of up to 2,500 euros threatens.

To be registered:

  • relative
  • friends
  • Known

Mini jobbers must also be registered with the employers’ liability insurance association, even if they receive money for their work. Your work must be proven and therefore liable for contributions.

Protection in the event of accidents

Construction workers are protected by the BG in case of accidents on the construction site as well as during the journey and on the way back. But the insurance cover is limited on the one hand by a low coverage. On the other hand, the legal construction assistance insurance does not pay for disability or death.

Contributions and contribution amount

The contributions for the construction assistant insurance over the professional association are calculated from a fictitious wages and a contribution rate. The state spends an annual benchmark on the calculation of contribution rates. The amount of contribution rates varies from state to state.

The statutory home assistant insurance is billed on the hours actually worked with the hourly rate of the respective region.

For example, the BauBG Hamburg charges 2.09 euros per working hour. So if two construction workers with a scope of 100 working hours each were working on the construction site, a total of 418 euros will be due, which the client transfers to BG Bau after the building has been completed. If higher amounts are to be expected, interim bills can also be made.

Carefully keep a construction diary!

If construction workers are deployed, each of whom has less than 40 hours to complete, no contributions will have to be paid. It is important that the working hours and the work reason are correctly entered in a construction journal, because the professional association checks the plausibility of the information.

“There’s nothing happening”


Resulta ng larawan para sa construction worker insurance

Anyone who works for construction workers according to the motto “nothing will happen!” Will risk high follow-up costs in the event of damage. In addition to the responsibility each builder has for his construction helpers, securing one’s own security in a construction project also plays an important role. Every year more than 100,000 accidents happen on construction sites. These accidents are usually associated with a high cost.

If a construction worker seriously injures himself on the construction site, the client must bear the costs of hospital stays, treatments or rehab. Depending on the severity of the accident, these amount to several tens of thousands of euros. It gets even more expensive when the construction worker becomes invalid. In this case, the costs of any changes in his home must be taken over or the conversion to a disabled-friendly vehicle to be paid.

If the construction worker can no longer pursue his job later, further payments are possible. In this case, 500,000 euros and more can accumulate, which the client must fully perform.

Although the most important damages are covered by the statutory building assistance insurance through the professional association. However, comprehensive protection in the event of disability, hospitalization or death is only possible with private home helpers insurance.

Especially important for the work of laymen

Professionals work with their machines on the construction site every day and yet something can always happen. However, if laymen handle excavators, saws, drills or other construction equipment, the risk of accidents is much higher. On the one hand, therefore, only experienced laymen should work with special equipment and, on the other hand, the conclusion of a comprehensive construction assistance insurance is urgently advised.